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Mr. Heerwagen

Paul Heerwagen


Mr. Heerwagen has served as one of our directors since January 2017. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy of Gulfport Energy Corporation (“Gulfport”) effective January 2017 and, prior to such appointment, as Vice President of Corporate Development since May 2014.

Prior to his current role with Gulfport, Mr. Heerwagen served as Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs from May 2008 to May 2014. He has also served in various financial, investor relations and corporate affairs roles at Gulfport since joining the Company in 2006.

From March 2012 through December 2014, Mr. Heerwagen served as President of Stingray Pressure Pumping LLC and Stingray Logistics LLC.

Mr. Heerwagen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University.