Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Organization and Basis of Presentation

Organization and Basis of Presentation
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2022
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Organization and Basis of Presentation Organization and Basis of Presentation
The accompanying consolidated financial statements were prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and reflect all adjustments, which in the opinion of management are necessary for the fair presentation of the results.

Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. (“Mammoth Inc.”, “Mammoth” or the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries, is an integrated, growth-oriented company serving both the oil and gas and the electric utility industries in North America and US territories. Mammoth Inc.’s infrastructure division provides engineering, design, construction, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to various public and private owned utilities. Its oilfield services division provides a diversified set of services to the exploration and production industry including well completion, natural sand and proppant and drilling services. Additionally, the Company provides aviation services, equipment rentals, remote accommodation services and equipment manufacturing. The Company was incorporated in Delaware in June 2016.

The following companies (“Operating Entities”) are included in these consolidated financial statements: Bison Drilling and Field Services, LLC (“Bison Drilling”), formed November 15, 2010; Bison Trucking LLC (“Bison Trucking”), formed August 9, 2013; Anaconda Rentals LLC, formerly known as White Wing Tubular Services LLC, formed July 29, 2014; Barracuda Logistics LLC (“Barracuda”), formed October 24, 2014; Mr. Inspections LLC (“MRI”), formed January 25, 2015; Panther Drilling Systems LLC (“Panther”), formed December 11, 2012; Redback Energy Services, LLC (“Redback Energy”), formed October 6, 2011; Redback Coil Tubing, LLC (“Coil Tubing”), formed May 15, 2012; Redback Pump Down Services LLC (“Pump Down”), formed January 16, 2015; Muskie Proppant LLC (“Muskie”), formed September 14, 2011; Stingray Pressure Pumping LLC (“Stingray Pressure Pumping”), acquired November 24, 2014; Silverback Energy LLC (“Silverback”), formerly known as Stingray Logistics LLC, acquired November 24, 2014; Great White Sand Tiger Lodging Ltd. (“Sand Tiger”), formed October 1, 2007; WTL Oil LLC (“WTL”), formerly known as Silverback Energy Services LLC, formed June 8, 2016; Mammoth Equipment Leasing LLC, formed November 14, 2016; Cobra Acquisitions LLC (“Cobra”), formed January 9, 2017; Lion Power Services LLC (“Lion Power”), formerly known as Cobra Energy LLC, formed January 25, 2017; Mako Acquisitions LLC (“Mako”), formed March 28, 2017; Piranha Proppant LLC (“Piranha”), formed March 28, 2017; Higher Power Electrical LLC (“Higher Power”), acquired April 21, 2017; Stingray Energy Services LLC (“SR Energy”), acquired June 5, 2017; Stingray Cementing LLC (“Cementing”), acquired June 5, 2017; Sturgeon Acquisitions LLC (“Sturgeon”), acquired June 5, 2017; Taylor Frac, LLC (“Taylor Frac”), acquired June 5, 2017; Taylor Real Estate Investments, LLC (“Taylor RE”), acquired June 5, 2017; South River Road, LLC (“South River”), acquired June 5, 2017; 5 Star Electric, LLC (“5 Star”), acquired July 1, 2017; Tiger Shark Logistics LLC (“Tiger Shark”), formed October 20, 2017; Cobra Aviation Services LLC (“Cobra Aviation”), formed January 2, 2018; Bison Sand Logistics LLC (“Bison Sand”), formed January 8, 2018; Dire Wolf Energy Services LLC (“Dire Wolf”), formed January 8, 2018; Black Mamba Energy LLC (“Black Mamba”), formed March 28, 2018; Stingray Cementing and Acidizing LLC (“Stingray Cementing and Acidizing”), formerly known as RTS Energy Services LLC (“RTS”), acquired June 15, 2018; Aquahawk Energy LLC (“Aquahawk”), formed June 28, 2018; Ivory Freight Solutions LLC (“Ivory Freight”), formed July 26, 2018; Python Equipment LLC (“Python”), formed December 5, 2018; IFX Transport LLC (“IFX”), formed December 5, 2018; Air Rescue Systems LLC (“ARS”), acquired December 21, 2018; Leopard Aviation LLC (“Leopard”), formed April 29, 2019; Predator Aviation LLC (“Predator Aviation”), formed April 19, 2019; Anaconda Manufacturing LLC (“Anaconda”), formed July 31, 2019; Aquawolf LLC (“Aquawolf”), formed September 25, 2019; and Falcon Fiber Solutions LLC (“Falcon”), formed March 3, 2021.


The Company’s well completion services include equipment and personnel used in connection with the completion and early production of oil and natural gas wells. The Company’s infrastructure services include engineering, design, construction, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to the electrical infrastructure industry as well as repair and restoration services in response to storms and other disasters. The Company’s natural sand proppant services include the distribution and production of natural sand proppant that is used primarily for hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry. The Company’s drilling services provide drilling rigs and directional tools for both vertical and horizontal drilling of oil and natural gas wells. The Company also provides other services, including aviation, equipment rentals, remote accommodations and equipment manufacturing.

The Company's operations are concentrated in North America. During the periods presented, the Company has operated its oil and natural gas businesses in the Permian Basin, the Utica Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Granite Wash, the SCOOP, the STACK, the Cana-Woodford Shale, the Cleveland Sand and the oil sands located in
Northern Alberta, Canada. The Company’s oil and natural gas business depends in large part on the conditions in the oil and natural gas industry and, specifically, on the amount of capital spending by its customers. Any prolonged increase or decrease in oil and natural gas prices affects the levels of exploration, development and production activity, as well as the entire health of the oil and natural gas industry. Decreases in the commodity prices for oil and natural gas would have a material adverse effect on the Company’s results of operations and financial condition. During the periods presented in this report, the Company provided its infrastructure services primarily in the northeastern, southwestern, midwestern and western portions of the United States. The Company’s infrastructure business depends on infrastructure spending on maintenance, upgrade, expansion and repair and restoration. Any prolonged decrease in spending by electric utility companies, delays or reductions in government appropriations or the failure of customers to pay their receivables could have a material adverse effect on the Company’s results of operations and financial condition.